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It is my pleasure to announce that Pete Soper is the new organizer of the Mendocino Rally and the Chair of the Mendocino Rally Group. Pete has been the Mendocino Rallymaster and Clerk of the Course for the last two years. Many of the improvement at Mendocino are a direct result of his involvement, including our expansion from a one-day 40 mile event to a two-day, 105 mile event. Prior to joining the Mendocino Rally, Pete was the co-organizer of the North Nevada Rally; his west coast rally experience is second to none.

In 2010 I had a vision of returning performance rallies to Northern California, after an absence of nearly 30 years. With the outstanding success of the 2014 Mendocino Rally, I can say that vision has been realized.

A “dream team” of individuals came together to form the Mendocino Rally Organizing Committee and attend to the thousands of details necessary to conduct a modern day performance rally. In addition to Pete, I was honored to work with Pat Coyle (the best Communications Chief in the business), Mike and Paula Gibeault (notes, scoring, and excellent advice), Michel Hoche-Mong, Dick Moser, Jim Draeger, Tim and Martha Lee, Denise McMahon, Lee Sorenson, and Renee Roberts, plus a hundred more who volunteered to work the rally each year.

Since 2010, the Mendocino Rally Group has conducted four performance rallies, an SCCA sanctioned time and distance rally, and has helped promote the Primitive Racing Rally School and RallyCross in Santa Rosa. I’ve enjoyed the ride, but it is now time for me to become a spectator, and let Pete do the driving.

Best wishes to all, and Have a Good Time,

Jim Robison

A Change of Command